About the project

Photo of RadiLubvi employees in the summer of 2020

Our Mission

We strongly believe that everything in this life is done in the name of love. Our mission is to help people excite, feel and enjoy the emotions of happiness at our events. We help to organize romantic dates in the most non-standard places: on the roof, in an airplane, balloon, greenhouse, planetarium, restaurant and many many more….


Incredible and creative dates


Successfully organized marriage proposals


Romantic dates were arranged since 2013


Events held in 2020

If you want to see tears of happiness and a genuine smile full of delight – you’ve come to the right place!

Call us, if you want to:


Make the most romantic and creative marriage proposal for your sweetheart


Spend unforgettable romantic dates in the most original places of the city


Congratulate your friends and loved ones in an original way and have a great time together


Arrange a romantic quest for a loved one or an exciting quest for friends

What makes us different from others:

Most of the dates are arranged by our team, which has gifted more than 1024 dates to our city residents and beyond.


We make original dates and holidays – exclusives. For example, dinner in an Indian restaurant: in our performance it’s not just Indian cuisine, but also groovy national dances, incense and many other important elements.


Some of our dates are arranged by our partners, the best in their field. We are completely confident in them, therefore we are ready to give a 100% guarantee that if you don’t like the event, we’ll refund your money!


We are really prompt, a couple of hours after the call you can already be on a romantic date, we will do our best. There’s no such word as IMPOSSIBLE for us. Corporation of Bright Impressions Radi-Love – We are the main romantics of the country!


Our advantages:

  1. The mission of Radi-Love is to create genuine emotions. In our gray and boring world, people rarely smile and give each other only material things. And what do we remember the most? EMOTIONS. We remember how happy we were while being kids when we rode on children’s attractions, but we forget the phone we were presented for our birthday. You’ll never forget this day for sure and will always remember it with a smile. And we’ll do everything for this. A decorator works over each date, which creates a magical romantic atmosphere, from which the heart beats like mad and the level of happiness goes off scale. We often see tears of happiness during dates and realize that we work for the sake of Love.
  2. We are the first Russian marketplace and entertainment aggregator for two. Our team has carefully collected for you more than a thousand leisure options for two: excursions, spas, dates in non-standard places, flights by airplanes and helicopters, boat trips, master classes and much more.
  3. We give emotions since July 18, 2013! During this time, we arranged more than 1883 dates on the roof and not just there (restaurants, airplanes, balloons, parachuting, SPA salons, country hotels, cinemas). We work only with the most reliable partners throughout the city.
  4. We are a federal company and we work 7 days a week. We have the most responsive managers for work with lovers, the most systemic organizers and the most reliable partners, proven over the years. We can say with confidence that we are the main romantics of Russia, because in 2020 alone we held: 1432 events. You can see our works in the portfolio.
  5. We have our own content department, which is constantly working with partners and updating the site. This leads to lower prices for our lovers and an increase in leisure options.
  6. We’re ready to make any of your dreams come true, any scenario, your loved one will not know what is happening until the last – it’ll be an awesome surprise.
  7. Speed ​​reaction. One of the priority principles of the company is lightning-fast reaction speed and the fastest possible provision of information.

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