Customer Reviews

Thank you very much! And specifically to Catherine and the Heart? In a short time, they saved the situation, did everything quickly and creatively, congratulated the girl on her birthday) And other Moscow comrades acted ugly … Positive karma for the project For Love

Igor Zubarev

Ekaterina, thank you very much. I liked everything very much


Thank you very much for organizing the event on the rooftop of Mont Blanc! Special thanks to the organizer of the event Tatiana. Everything was at the highest level.

Pasha Tarakanov

Thank you so much for organizing a romantic date in the greenhouse. Everything was great!


Good afternoon, I would like to thank you again for organizing yesterday evening at the lighthouse. Everything was cool)


Many thanks to you and all the guys for organizing the marriage proposal for my chosen one. Everything was great, you are great.


Hello! I want to thank you for organizing such a wonderful weekend, I made an offer to my girlfriend the way I wanted, and it happened thanks to your wonderful team! You give people joy 🙂 Thanks again! Best regards, Constantine.


Thank you very much for organizing a date on the Gulf of Finland! We really enjoyed!! We managed to watch the sunset and enjoy the twilight with the burning lanterns, everything was very cool!


Thanks a lot ! Everything was organized at the highest level) I recommend it to everyone!

Tyoma Zuev

The view is unreal. I didn’t regret for a second that I had chosen St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Everything is perfectly organized !!!!! Thank you very much!!!!! I will boldly recommend it !!!!


My husband and I had a wedding anniversary. I chose a company that organizes a rooftop date. I liked everything very much: a professional team, everything was organized as agreed. I would also like to mention the saxophonist. Beautiful and romantic)) Thanks to the whole team of “For the sake of Love”.


Guys, thank you very much! The print wedding was held at a height of 283 meters in the Moscow City tower. Beautiful atmosphere, candles, live music … My wife and I were delighted !!!


On May 8, my girlfriend and I had an anniversary, 3 years old. I wanted something unusual, since the usual trips to the restaurant and the cinema were pretty boring. Turning to the company “Radi-Love”, I immediately realized that I would not regret it. And so it happened. The date in the greenhouse (I myself would never have thought of this!) Went off with a bang) there was a chic table, music, and then I also managed to take a walk. In general, the girl was delighted, and I myself am glad.


My husband and I have been together for over 10 years. We have three children and a large farm. Nikolai and Ekaterina managed to return romance and intrigue to our relationship. A date at the cinema will be remembered for a long time!


I want to express my admiration for the organizers, my approach to everything with a soul! To all the details! And such … I would say sincerity in the first place is to make people feel good) to meet halfway) I would say this is the breadth of the soul, the absence of commercialism, the desire to make people pleasant.


We would like to express our deep gratitude to your organization for a wonderful date in the anti-cinema, everything was great. Even my husband liked everything, but it is difficult for him to please.


Many thanks to the organizers of our romantic rooftop date! Everything was super! The girl is delighted!


Thank you very much for your help in expressing my feelings, the girl was extremely pleased. I will turn to you again and will advise you to my friends.


To say thank you means to say nothing. Well done boys. the happiest day of my life. the proposal to get married on the rooftop, it was very romantic and very beautiful. The main thing is that I liked it and I was told YES.


Organized a romantic date on the roof for a young man in honor of his birthday! What can I say, it was all very cool)) The view is mesmerizing, the weather was excellent, a very beautiful sunset … Of course I want to say, many thanks to Nikolai !!


Thank you, I liked everything very much! The view is really beautiful. I liked the sunset and night Moscow. Was on the roof in the center last year, where the roofs are sloping and not high, I liked it more here, I recommend it to everyone.


Very good! Many thanks to the organizers. in the person of Nikolai Popov. I recommend to everyone.


Loved the rooftop date! )))) photos and a bouquet of mixed emotions will leave this event in our memory for a long time! Thanks a lot!


We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the organized date on the roof! Everything went great, amazing view, romantic atmosphere, as if you had visited another planet)) thank you guys !!!


Thank you very much “For Love” for a wonderful surprise for my boyfriend! We liked everything very much! We were on the roof on Tverskaya, I recommend it to everyone, the view of the night city is awesome, the organization is top notch, no jambs.


Thank you for the prompt arrangement of the date. An urgent need to make peace with his wife, called and immediately organized a romantic date on the roof. Candles, champagne and light music, plus you are left alone on the roof. The beloved was pleasantly surprised. After the date, we went to the hotel (asked that everything was up to par, did not let us down). Many thanks!


Guys, thank you very much for our impressions! Everything was at the highest level in the literal sense. We will be glad to contact you again. Thanks.


Thanks to the organizers for a wonderful evening. We did everything at the highest level: candles, rose petals, balls. The girl was shocked by the surprise all evening, I hadn’t seen her like that for a long time =)


Thank you Nikolay for what you are doing. We arrived in Moscow for 4 days. Of course, in addition to the cultural time spent, I also wanted to get romantic impressions. In this we were helped by Nikolay and his team, the organizer Eugene and the photographer Sergey. The venue is truly amazing, the view from the height of the Ostankino tower is incomparable. Everything is thought out and organized at the highest level, the atmosphere was created as if it had been planned for more than one week, although I applied for an organization the next day after arrival.


Thanks a lot. We liked the romantic date on the rooftop, especially the girl. Cozy, beautiful place and top-level organization. Thank you very much.