Rooftop dates

One of the most popular romantic events is a rooftop date in Saint Petersburg. «For Love» event agency specializes in rooftop dates arrangement in the most unusual places in St. Petersburg. The company’s specialists help young people make a pleasant gift for their second half. Our task is to arrange this meeting as comfortable as possible for both people.
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Rooftop dates arrangement in Saint Petersburg

A date on the roof is one of the company’s most popular services. One of the possible scenarios for a date on the roof is as follows. Evening. The door that leads to the roof is covered in darkness, only a path strewn with rose petals and glowing helium balls is visible. Here the women already understands that a surprise awaits her. The couple goes to the roof, where the violinist plays, and sees a covered table with candles, snacks, wine. Your beloved girl or boyfriend will surely take your breath away from the view that opens onto the night city from the roof of a high-rise building. A cool wind will not only strengthen his / her impressions, but also give you an extra reason to hug your soul mate tightly. In general, a date on the roof is romance and extreme in one bottle, unless, of course, your other half does not suffer from a panic fear of heights. Making a date on the roof depends on the package chosen by the customer.

The symbol of St. Petersburg the “Singer’s House” is considered as the most visible building in the city. The house with a corner tower and an unusual glass dome is located right in the center of the city. Our company offers to arrange a rooftop date in this incredible place. A romantic date on the roof of the Singer is an unusual date not only for two, but also for any event. You will see Kazan Cathedral, Nevsky Prospect and of course, the famous dome of the house from the roof. On the roof of the house, there is a large attic with a flat and comfortable area. A clean and comfortable elevator will bring you to the roof, which will give you the opportunity to wear your favorite outfits. On the roof, you will find a gorgeous view of the city, a table with champagne and fruit. Such a romantic date will remain in your hearts for a long time.