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Date at the Gazprom Arena stadium


Designer bouquet of flowers
 from 4000 ₽
Professional photographer
 from 6000 ₽
Live music 
(Saxophone or violin – 1 hour)
5000 ₽
Videography + editing 
11000 ₽
The use of special effects «smoke screen» 
(CO2 cannons around the perimeter of the stadium)
33000 ₽
Connecting 4 screens for slide shows
 130,000 ₽
Complex light programmable representation 
200,000 ₽
Organization of a full dinner 
from 15,000 ₽
Musical accompaniment in the stadium bowl 
(including sound equipment in the bowl and voice acting)
58,000 ₽
Date at the Gazprom Arena stadium

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Package “Sweet”

Organization of the event
Gazprom Arena Stadium rental
Banquet table setting, two chairs, beautiful candles
Organization of a buffet with waiter service
Romantic music
Rose petals
Soft, fluffy blankets
French or Italian champagne
Basket with fresh fruit
The duration of the date is 60 minutes
The cost of the «Sweet» package is on request

One of our favorite and most unusual options for romantics remains a date at the stadium. Just imagine: the two of you are at the huge Gazprom Arena football stadium – feel the scale! Yesterday Zenit played here in a home match, world stars fought for the championship title, and today you and your loved one are here only together. Candles are burning… night coolness… French champagne and romantic music.

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