About Us

Good afternoon, my name is Nikolay Popov, I am the founder of the RadiLyubvi project.

What is the RadiLubvi project? RadiLubvi Corporation of Bright Impressions is a unique event agency that specializes in personal events. Now we are developing 4 directions:

  • Organization of exclusive romantic dates only for two;
  • Organization of corporate events;
  • Sale of gift certificates;
  • Organization of weddings.

Until 2015, it was a small family hobby that smoothly spilled over into a business with metrics, average receipts, a crm system and other attributes of a serious business, but the most important thing has remained – this is the love for the business that we do with our hearts. In 2020, we celebrated 7 years of the company.

About our result:

–In 2020, we held 1,490 events;

– Only on February 14 in 2020 we had 32 dates;

– In 2019, in August alone, we had 130 dates;ровели 130 свиданий;

– We are growing at an average of 30% annually in revenue and net income.

At the moment we have:


scenarios of creative, original dates that can be given not only to your soulmate, but also to friends, parents, bosses


since we helped make a marriage proposal


events held in 2020 only

And we are PROUD OF IT!

Romantic dates. The format is for two. We do about 40% of all events on our own, with the help of our wonderful, creative organizers (for example, a dinner on the roof, a date at a lighthouse, or a date on a bridge tower), but most often we work with trusted partners under our full control. We select only the best. The idea is to make an exclusive offer, unique, something that is not in the partner’s standard price list, for example, if it is a dinner in an Indian restaurant, then either the whole restaurant or more than half of it must be removed. Dress up in national clothes and professional dancers from India dance for lovers. We develop 3 options for each date: light, standard and premium, so that our romantics have a choice.

Direction of corporate events and personal events. These can be birthdays, hen parties, stag parties, and more. Here we work with the involvement of partners and earn partner remuneration. We carry out all events on a turnkey basis and remove all the headaches of our clients.

Details on training.

Details on training.

What is included in the FRANCHISE:

  • Training program: 2 months (2 consultations per week for 2 hours, total: 16 lessons. Training is conducted by the founder of the project Nikolay Popov;
  • Partnership and development of scenarios for events in your city;
  • Uniqueness to the city;
  • The RadiLubvi brand promoted in the media and branded search traffic. The trademark RadiLubvi No. 677833 was registered on December 26, 2017.
  • Organizational policies and guidelines for effectively starting and running a business (with a full description), which is successfully presented in St. Petersburg and Moscow;
  • A ready-made website for working on a corporate subdomain;
  • Support and feedback at all stages of doing business after training;
  • All tools to promote services. For the entire time of the company’s work, we have formed an excellent team of SEO specialists, with the help of which we came to the attendance rates of 20,413 target clients for January 2020. In 2019, the site traffic was: 187 188 people. We will also provide recommendations for paid traffic specialists.
  • Assistance in hiring and training employees (managers, organizers)

Our idea

Our goal

Deliver joy to people, help people give original gifts, help lovers make romantic surprises and dates.

Our task

Give people emotions and happiness. We are professionals in our field and our achievements testify to this.

For Love in numbers

8 years

On the event services market


Certificate sold


Hand and heart proposals


We gave romantic dates to lovers


corporate clients delighted their employees with our gifts


children’s events were organized

Niche in the market

The volume of the gift market in the Russian Federation is $ 10 billion. The gift voucher segment is valued at approximately $ 700 million and its share is increasing by 30% per year. By comparison, the US gift certificate market alone is $ 100 billion. Those. the market growth potential is enormous. In Russia, a culture of giving gift certificates is gradually emerging instead of money in an envelope or souvenirs.

Investment in the project

The cost of a franchise in cities with a population of over one million and Sochi is 300,000 rubles

Investment in the launch – approximately 300 thousand (depending on the city, advertising launch, point of sale, etc.)

The amount of the monthly contribution (royalty) – 5,000 rubles

Payback: 5-6 months, stable net profit from 150,000 rubles per month

Cities where we would like to see our offices:

1. Novosibirsk 

2. Ekaterinburg 

3. Nizhny Novgorod

4. Kazan

5. Chelyabinsk 

6. Omsk  

7. Samara

8. Rostov-on-Don

9. Ufa 

10. Krasnoyarsk

11. Permian  

12. Voronezh  

13. Volgograd

14. Sochi

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