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Date on the rooftop

From 4,990 
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Extension of time on the roof
(30 minutes – 1500 ₽, 1 hour – 2500 ₽)
Romantic dinner – 3 courses with waiter service
 6000 ₽
Professional photographer
(1 hour)
from 4500 ₽
Meeting guests with Teddy bear
4500 ₽
A bouquet of flowers  with delivery
from 3500 ₽
Live music
(saxophone or violin 45 minutes)
4000 ₽
from 7000 ₽
Congratulations from a huge white bear
from 6990 ₽
Decoration with balloons (15 pcs)
from 3000 ₽
If the date begins after 23 hours, an extra charge of 700 rubles
On holidays, the cost of a date is calculated at the weekend price
Sushi set for two or pizza
2500 ₽
An additional guest on a date
 2000 ₽/person
Using a quadrocopter
6000 ₽
Video + backstage
6000 ₽
Date on the rooftop
From 4,990 
Hint to your loved one Offer your price

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Coming to the city for the first time you must be extremely attracted by its beauty and, thus, are desperately searching for the perfect observation deck in Petersburg? Obviously, the cultural capital of Russia is filled with numerous sights and picturesque panoramas.

Package Light

Event organisation
Rent a roof with a wonderful panoramic view of the TV Tower, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, Lakhta Center and historical center
The space is decorated with a green lawn, lanterns and garlands
Swing for two
Little table, two chairs
Soft, fluffy plaids
Romantic music compilation
Teapot of delicious tea
Duration 60 minutes
The cost of the Light package from Mon-Thu – 4990 rubles, from Fri-Sun – 5990 rubles

Package Sweet

All options of the Light package
French or Italian champagne
Tasty candy
Basket of Fresh Seasonal Fruits
Duration 90 minutes
The cost of the package Sweet from Mon-Thu – 6990 rubles, from Fri-Sun – 7990 rubles

Пакет Premium

All options of the Sweet package
Professional photo – 40 minutes
Champagne Martini Asti
Musician’s performance (saxophone or violin) – 40 minutes
Balloon decoration (red or white hearts) – 15 pcs
Launching balloons into the sky and making wishes
Duration 2 hours
The cost of the Premium package from Mon-Thu is 21,490 rubles, from Fri-Vsk — 22,490 rubles

Package “Exclusive”

Event organization
Banquet table setting with a composition of fresh flowers
Transfer by business class car to the site
Dinner for two – 2 courses
Solemn congratulation of Bear Teddy with a bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers – 25 roses
Musician’s performance (saxophone or violin) – 40 minutes
Balloon decoration (red or white hearts) – 15 pcs
Italian champagne
Premium water
Author’s photo
Duration 3 hours
The cost of the package Exclusive – 46990 rubles

However, we have found the most incredible location that is a potential place for one of the best dates in Petersburg you could ever think of. Any guesses? Well, as far as the city is widely known for its atmospheric rooftops, the best way to explore the romantic Petersburg is to look at it from a bird’s eye view. This is why we have set up the incredible site right next to the TV tower that does strikingly reminds of one famous monument located in France… Yeah, all of a sudden you appear to be in Paris, feeling this charming vibe without crossing the city boundaries. At the same time, you clearly understand that this is something special that could not be found in any other place. Truly French, but still Petersburg with all its unique historical and contemporary pearls perfectly seen from the top. Among them are Isaac and Trinity Cathedrals, Peter and Paul Fortress, wild Neva and the spacious embarkments, Saint Petersburg Arena and Lakhta Center – the highest building in Europe. that’s why we could not have called our observation deck in Petersburg any other ways.

We have made the venue itself as comfortable as possible: you can enjoy your evening sitting on the open-air space, decorated with the dozens of lightnings, candles and balloons, inside the lovely and cozy house filled with fluffy blanket and soft pillows or go on a swing. Help yourself with the fresh fruits, tasty vine and sweets. Furthermore, due to the wide range of additional options it is likely to become one of the most gorgeous dates Petersburg could even give you. Thus, our musician would provide you with the live music throughout the date, the professional photographer will make sure that you will have all the memorable moments of your date on a roof captured.

Impressive, isn’t it? It might be a perfect place for a proposal, celebration of the anniversary, a great way to refresh the relationship or just to look at the city from a different angle. We will be glad to help you in organizing such a fabulous date on a roof. Drop us an email or contact our manager via phone 8 (812) 242-86-28.

And let's our best manager for lovers call you right now and tell you everything about this and other dates? Write your number here.