Marriage proposal

An offer of a hand and heart is an event to which girls relate with joy and special trepidation, and men with caution and excitement. In the relations of any couple, this is a very important and touching moment when intentions turn into actions, and the first step is taken into a joint future.
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Organization of an original marriage proposal in St. Petersburg

«For Love» event agency is the chief assistant in the organization for men who want to give their girlfriend a memorable, romantic, beautiful, unusual event and make an original marriage proposal as something special!

Formats of holding a marriage proposal

A marriage proposal is the first important event for a future family. This is a trembling memory that spouses will share with their children, and then grandchildren. Employees of «For Love» will make sure that you will definitely have something to tell and prepare incredible marriage proposal in Saint Petersburg.

Of course, everything can be done in an“old-fashioned way”: a bouquet, knee worship, and the treasured box. In addition, even if this is no longer fashionable, but reliable! However, we are sure that every girl dreams that her marriage proposal will be non-standard.

If you have your own idea on how to make an offer, we will gladly help you to beat it and organize everything to the smallest details. We are also ready to offer you many interesting and original scenarios, among which you just choose the one that will forever remain in the memory of your couple as one of the most bright and touching memories.

Among the possible options, we suggest you to arrange a marriage proposal in a luxurious greenhouse, cinema, while walking on a boat on the Neva river or flying a balloon, in a butterfly park. This is not a complete list of options where you can make the perfect marriage proposal. Employees of the company individually approach each order and develop a plot based on information about the couple and their preferences and desires.